I started out in front of the camera. For years I was a commercial model and actor. I was also a musician and played drums in bands for many years. Through this time I ended up in front of the camera in many situations. I also went to Vidal Sassoon Cosmetology School and spent 4 years doing make up and hair for different photographers in the Bay Area and Los Angeles.

Through all of this and a bunch of odd jobs modeling, I learned what made me feel comfortable and also, what made me feel very self-conscious, being in front of the camera. Through these experiences, I realized how much more amazing a photo shoot can look if the subject is comfortable and relaxed. I have looked at thousands of photographs, and know what lighting, positions, wardrobe, and make up, can make a photo stand out from the rest. I love to make people feel good and that comes across in all of my photographs. Most people have told me that working with me can unleash confidence in them that they didn't know they had. They walk away feeling great about themselves and even more beautiful once they see the actual photos. Every day I enjoy what I do. I believe that also comes across in my work.

As for photography training, I learned hands on from working with other photographers, doing styling and make-up, and from being in front of the camera. I think photography is an art. Each photographer's work should be unique and distinctive from the next, which is why my approach has always been more of what inspires me, what I envision, and less about textbooks and formal training. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask.

You can also watch this short documentary video to learn more about me and my work.

-- Kristin