Soul Sessions Massage

for women in the comfort of your home

KG Soul Sessions Massage

I'm a massage therapist specializing in intuitive work and energy healing. Working with intuitive energy tools I can help clear emotional blocks freeing up your energy and creating a more balanced and peaceful state.

I've been a massage therapist for over 15 years. I've also had training in energy work and went to Psychic Horizons to learn tools to heal myself and others. I've always been very sensitive to energy and was drawn to this work. We are all intuitive and have the ability to listen to this guidance whenever we want. I'm always learning and love to see the positive effects of this work.

From a very young age I realized I was very sensitive and intuitive. Through a lot of deep work and learning energetic tools, I’ve learned how to use these sensitivities as a tool for connection and healing.

Bodywork/energywork can be very vulnerable. It is important that I create a safe, non judgmental space. It's empowering to let go and be completely ourselves, present and let someone truly see us. I always feel uplifted when I work one on one with someone. I am so grateful when someone allows me to see their true spirit.

-- Kristin