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Client Testimonials

The most fulfilling way to explain my artistic endeavours is through kind words from happy clients on their experiences with my photography services. Contact me today to set up your own shoot!

"Kristin came highly recommended and she did not disappoint. As someone who has never taken great photos, being one of those "better in person" types, I was stunned by the fabulous results! She is able to give direction in a way that is easy to follow. She helps you feel confident and competent, even if you have never done anything like this before. She brings out the inner beauty in you and has a great eye for outfits and poses. They are beautifully artistic and sexy. i have had two shoots now and want to do another one with my boyfriend! He can't get enough of the photos! Book a shoot! You won't be disappointed!"

- Lynda

"Kristin took such amazing photographs of me that they even used them in a recent magazine article. I highly recommend her."

"I usually am very adverse to having my picture taken, so when I met Kristin it took me quite a while to decide to do her model for a day shoot. I had seen the other pictures and they were so spectacular that I had to try it. And I was so happily surprised! She made me feel completely at ease and we had a great time. Now I have the best pictures of myself. What a fun gift!"

- Christine Bronstein

"Kristin arrived on time, had fantastic ideas and does magic with her camera! I will use her over and over again! She is sweet, easy to work with and the experience of my shoot which normally I dislike was fun!"

- Christina Flach

"This photographer is as talented as it gets. In my life I have never been more in awe over a photograph. Her imagination, creativity, use of colors and the ability to make anyone look like a masterpiece...I cannot recommend her enough. I have gotten so much work from using the pictures she look of me, and people always ask who is the photographer. They rock that much. I actually have probably shot about five shoots with her so far. You will be sorry if you don't choose kg-photography for your shoot....for real."

- Elizabeth Seaton

"Kristin is AMAZING she is truly talented and gifted when it comes to photography, lighting, posing and scenery. She is a perfectionist and seeks out the most flattering poses with paying extreme attention to detail. I just did a shoot with her at the beach and she far exceeded my expectations. I was very nervous which I am sure is normal when you don't normally take pictures like this. Kristin made me feel so comfortable and walked me through the poses like a coach. I look forward and will shoot with her again."

- Nicole

"When we got engaged, I told my fiance that I wanted Kristin to do our engagement shoot. At first, he wanted to know what on Earth an engagement photo shoot IS and secondly he wanted to know why exactly I had to have THIS seemingly pricey photographer. I informed him that the engagement shoot was needed to document our engagement and to display at our wedding reception and use on our wedding website, not to mention my facebook profile picture and our holiday greeting cards while I am it!! Furthermore, I wanted Kristin because years ago when I was at her father's office I complimented him on the photography on his walls and he informed me that it was all his daughter's work, and I realized years later when I was emailed a gilt city deal (for the model for a day) that I had found her. In my heart I knew it was kismet. She had to take my engagement pics. I explained this to my fiance and he conceded to go along with my engagement photo thing with whatever photographer I wanted."

"So the day comes and we shoot at baker beach and the palace of fine arts. It was a gorgeous day and the both of us had a great time. Kristin was a good sport about climbing rocks and dealing with the sand and surf at the beach. She made us feel super at ease and she shot super fast. The whole thing with travel time between locations took a couple hours."

"Kristin sent me the link to view the online photos, all 300 of them- already photoshopped, only 4 days later. We looooved them! Two days after that we received the hi-rez cd in the mail."

"After posting a few to facebook, my fiance now gives me full credit for insisting on taking engagement photos and credit for choosing a great photographer. Everyone loves them. We love them. She really captured some incredible shots that we will cherish forever. I have already created our save the dates with the images and intend to give them to our parents on canvas as Christmas presents."

"Kristin was super easy to work with, great with getting back to me via email, awesome about taking into account our budget and being willing to work with us, and most importantly a very talented photographer."

- Rochelle

"I needed some corporate headshots and did not want the same thing so I asked a friend for a referral. Kristin picked the perfect location, prepped me perfectly for the shoot, was efficient, professional and quickly put me at ease."

"The pictures turned out great however it was her follow-up and double checking to make sure I was COMPLETELY satisfied that put her over the top. Most photographers will work with you to tweak the final result however I have never worked with someone that was so proactive in that regard. She genuinely cared."

- Jeff H

"I generally don't enjoy being in front of a camera; I tend to be pretty shy and modest when it comes to being photographed. I decided to do the 'model for a day' shoot with Kristin as a gift for my husband. Kristin spent a lot of time in the weeks leading up to the shoot going over locations, outfit ideas, and helping me with make up ideas (I don't generally wear much make up and have no idea about it!). She sent me multiple emails and attachments with ideas and was really open to spending extra time to make it exactly what I wanted. I thought I would be nervous on the day of the shoot, but Kristin's energy and encouragement was soothing and relaxing and I found it easy to be comfortable (even in precarious poses!). The photos came out better than I could have expected (husband=very pleased) *wink*. Kristin is truly an artist...she is able to accentuate each individuals beauty, grace, and personality. Her talent is very specific and special. Visit her website and see for yourself...or better yet, let her get you in front of the camera..."

- Arwyn

"Kristin was recommended by a friend and she did not disappoint. She was extremely professional, bringing out the best in me to get the quality photos I was looking for. It was a pleasure to work with her and I highly suggest trying the 'model for a day'. i look forward to working with her again in the near future."

- Cornelia

"I recently had the "Model For A Day" photo shoot with KG Photography. Wow! I highly recommend this very unique experience to anyone who has ever wanted to look like a model or feel beautiful or sexy in their photos. I am a 40 year old mom of two and wanted some photos of myself that brought out the best in me...photos that I could be proud of for years to come. KG was wonderful to work with. She made me feel so comfortable and confident in front of the camera. Her work is stunning. I couldn't be happier with the photos -- they are priceless. I can't wait to go back and do another shoot. I had a ball with her and the fabulous stylist she recommended who did my hair and makeup. Ladies, please treat yourself to this once in a lifetime experience!!!"

- Jennifer

"I did this photoshoot for a Valentine's gift for my fiance...Kristin is an amazing photographer that knows how to make you comfortable and knows what is beautiful in a photo. I can't wait to have a full "model for a day" photo shoot with her. We did those photos in an hour, so imagine what it will be for a few hours! :-) Thanks a lot Kristin! xxx"

- Annie

It was a wonderful experience working with Kristin. aside from creating gorgeous images, Kristin brought very cool ideas and costumes, gave expert feedback every step of the way and took us to a fabulous location that brought out beauty I didn't know I had. Want to do it again!!!"

- Aruna Karen Andes

"After seeing KG Photography's posting on Facebook I couldn't pass up the opportunity to do the photo shoot. I looked at the website and was amazed at the great eye that Kristin had. I didn't really know what to expect but was excited to just be in front of the camera. I was so impressed with the amazing direction that Kristin gave me. She makes you feel so comfortable and confident. When I received my pictures I couldn't believe how wonderful the photos came out! I couldn't believe that was ME in the photo! I've gotten so many compliments and have been asked if I model. I don't model at all, I'm just your average girl wanting to feel sexy. This is exactly how Kristin made me feel. The pictures speak for themselves. Book a shoot because you won't be disappointed. You will be amazed how your true beauty is revealed! Beauty is in the eye of the beholder...or should I say the person who is behind the camera!"

- Cheryl Scorza

"If I could give Kristin 10 stars, I would! Kristin is a master of artistic photography. She is extremely talented with an eye for detail and one of the best photographers I have ever met. She was always very quick to respond to emails too. I booked the "model for a day" package and was extremely pleased how she took an ordinary me to a better version. I'm not usually very nervous about anything but I was nervous the week leading up to the photo shoot. She made me feel very comfortable during the whole photo shoot. No matter your shape or size, she's great at showing off your best features by giving you direction to do the best poses. I recommend Kristin to everyone that wants amazing photos of themselves. Consider yourself lucky if you get a chance to book her."

- Cookie

Kristin's talent for her work is outstanding! From helping her clients to feel comfortable in front of the camera, to her natural eye behind the camera; I'm always amazed at the photographs she produces."

- Bryan Pfeil

"Kristin is an amazing photographer and was so much fun to work with. I'd never taken photos before and she had a fantastic way of making me feel and look my best. Her genuine personality instantly made me 100% comfortable. I had the photos taken as a wedding gift for my fiance and I'm confident that he will be truly stunned! I can't wait to do it again! Thank you Kristin!"

- Suzanne

"Kristin is one of the best shooters I've ever worked with, and I have worked with dozens and dozens all over the West Coast. As a agent represented SF print model, I can honestly say this photog is in my top five--no question. Her sensibility is laid back, simple, and sexy. Her technological/camera expertise is second to none, and her eye for light and subtlety is superb. Being a woman, she understands how to work with the female form. Because I work in the industry I can get portfolio work done for free or very little money -- but Kristin's rates are incredibly reasonable and the final product speaks for itself. Beyond worth it, and will be a repeat client no doubt!"

- Cynthia

"If you want to feel like a princess for a day, (and, why not? you probably deserve it!) call Kristin! I love my photos! I'm creeping up on 40 and needed a little boost to my self-esteem. Kristin is amazingly talented. And, the photoshoot was just what I needed to get me out of my personal rut. She took me from ordinary to extraordinary. I would recommend her work to anyone."

- Allison

"How fortunate I feel to have found Kristin! I needed some new head shots and promo pics and did not want the same old boring images. After looking at a ridiculous number of portfolios, I found KG. Perfect!"

"Kristin is professional, creative and down-to-earth. I got what I wanted and more -- lovely shots for work and some extras for personal use."

"I recommend Kristin highly, and will certainly use her again."

- Erica S

"KG sees the world like no else, and it isn't until you've seen her photographs that you see it that way for yourself. Vivid, mesmerizing, sometimes dream like, with subjects so sharp and real you feel they might speak to you. It's not that she just captures a good pose, it's that she captures the emotion too. You don't just look at KG's photos, you feel them. I recommend 100%."

- Megan Slankard

"I first worked with Kristin in the summer of 2002, after she found me on a photography/modeling website. I was an aspiring model with maybe two shoots under my belt. I was shy and inexperienced...yet she still wanted to set up a shoot together. I was so glad I took up the opportunity to work with her. Never had i felt so confident, comfortable and beautiful. She was always patient with me. She gave honest advice and feedback and genuinely wanted to help me advance in my modeling career. Needless to say, we've remained close ever since. I can't even count the number of shoots we have done together! Each one outshining the last. Kristin's work continues to evolve. Even when you think It can't get any better, it does! She has an eye for the beauty you don't even see in yourself...and it shows in all of her work. Whether it be bands, models, everyday people or even cute little animals...she has a talent to capture something no one else can. She's an amazing photographer! One no one should pass up!"

- Katerina

"I was looking for something to give my husband to be for a our wedding. My friends had all suggested a "Boudoir Photo Shoot". I saw some of their pictures that turned out really well, and decided to go for it - so I started my search. I was disappointed to find the same photos over and over - yes they were sexy but overdone - no edge or fire to them. Until I found Kristin's website. I felt like I hit the jackpot! Her photos in "Model For a Day" were just what I was looking for. The actual shoot was so much fun. Kristin is a very experienced photographer who has been on both sides of the camera so she knows exactly how to coach you in posing, smiling, looking sexy. She produces an end product that could be in a high fashion magazine making you the star! I admit I was a bit nervous going in but after the first 5 minutes it was just fun and laughs. What a great idea to do for your honey or just do for yourself!"

- Danile J.

"When I stumbled across Kristin's work about 4 years ago, I became obsessed. I would while away hours poring over her portfolio on MySpace, her website, Facebook, her models' pages, etc. She produces by far the most creative, penetrating, raw and sexy photographs I've ever seen."

"I had always hoped to run into her around town, and wondered what I would say if I recognized her. Finally I had the chance in one of my dance classes. =) I had heard already she was a student there, so I was able to prepare my opening line months before we actually met. What I ended up saying was: "Hi! Are you Kristin Gerbert? I've stalked...I mean followed you...YOUR work for sooo many years!!! I love you."

"Ahem. Anyway, lucky for me she has a sense of humor, she's great, and she's hot! I've met some famous people in my life, but I've never been so starstruck and it took me a couple of weeks to get a hold of myself."

"The organization I work for is launching a new marketing campaign, so I immediately recommended her to photograph our staff and events. She was professional, generous, and easy to work with, helping us with our wardrobe and make-up to staging our people to amping us up. I fantasize about one day being able to afford a "Model for a Day" shoot with her."

"If you want provocative, interesting, and gorgeous pictures- Kristin has the talent and personality to bring out the best in her clients!"

- Ali

"Kristin took some shots of my band and they flat out blew me away. I've been playing music and having my pic taken while playing since I was 14 years old and these photos are the first time in my life I looked like a bona fide rock star. There's only one way you take pictures this good, if you've got a fantastic eye for what you're doing. I would recommend KG to anyone."

- Joe S.

"If you want a photographer that makes you look like a model from Vogue then KG Photographer is the best. her word is different then any other photographer I have worked with. She makes you look amazing!!!"

- Tineke T.

"This woman is phenomenal."

"My boyfriend recently left for grad school across the nation, and we are attempting a long distance relationship. As a gift to help him remember why he loves his girlfriend so much, I will be sending him a 2012 calendar full of gorgeous, fun, and sexy photos of me. "

"I would not have gorgeous, fun, and sexy photos if weren't for Kristin. Kristin is not just another boudoir photographer. Kristin has a myriad of commercial photography experience with models, fashion, and music. As a result, she is incredible at knowing exactly what to say to direct you in to the perfect position that flatters and hides flaws. She has an artistic and creative eye that produces beautiful, intriguing, raw images that never look contrived."

"Not only does she produce the best photos, but she is extremely professional and accessible. The turn around time from photo shoot to the disk of edited photos is so fast."

"Kristin is personally invested in making this photo shoot an enjoyable, comfortable, and fun experience, as well as ensuring the photos turn out well and meet expectations. I couldn't recommend anyone more highly."

"If you're looking for a photographer, don't waste your time and money with anyone else. Kristin does not disappoint - she only exceeds expectations."

- Andrea M

"For a long while I've been thinking about making a model portfolio, and one day as I was searching the internet for professional photographers, I came across Kristin's website!"

"After going through her work, which I really liked, I decided to sign up for her "Model for a day" photo package. Right before the photo shoot, I told her about the themes that I wanted for my shoot and she was really helpful in choosing a suitable location for the shoot. During the shoot, she was also helpful in giving me pointers on how to pose, moments, etc. On top of everything else, the photos came out really well!"

"If anyone is planing on getting a portfolio done, they should definitely get in touch with her. Thanks Kristin! ^_^-Z"

- Scott Righthand

Kristin is an outstanding creative photographer. Love her pictures, her eye for detail and beauty. The quality of many of her pictures is magazine cover stuff. If you have the chance to have her do a shoot, don't miss out. She has photographed my daughter, Jess, a jazz singer and my son Grady and his former Band. Both shoots were outstanding."

"Kristin has done several shoots of both me and my family over the years. She has a fantastic eye for what will work, in every situation. Pre-kids she did an amazing photo shoot that really brought out a side of me that had been buried for some time - I had a blast and the results were incredible. My boyfriend at the time (now husband) just about died when he saw the results. Kristin was able to totally change gears when she did some engagement photos which both of our families loved. She even got the best, most tender photos from our wedding. My kids (god is this my whole life story?!) responded so well to her and the shots she took of them are creative, fun, imaginative and our favorites hands down. It's a huge plus of course that Kristin is just a sweetheart, honest, serious, and funny. I give KG Photography the highest recommendation."

- Margot B.

"I didn't know what to expect from my "model for the day" and could only hope for a few good pictures. I picked my outdoor location because it was familiar to me a place I'd grown up exploring. Kristin helped me pick out my wardrobe. She picked out some outfits (like the cream sweater) I wouldn't have picked out for myself, yet those pictures are my favorites. Kristin not only has an eye for design and what looks good for you but she also knows what outfit looks good in what location. She makes the photo shoot effortless... and the pictures... OMG!!! They are AMAZING... she made me look and feel like a super model... "